Meditation on the public space

Something is amiss when the place where you were born no longer sends you any message – no call, no vibes, no sense of revulsion – and no longer hides any mysteries. At such a moment the city dies along with you as abruptly as mid-spring can turn into late autumn for the simple reason that you are the only person in the entire place whose wisdom tooth has started […]


A Photographer’s Progress (3) - The Hollow

After you’ve been hemming yourself in all along that setting stage for too long and struggled with the question: “How is this possible?”, there comes the time to pass on to a new one, which resembles a glass elevator fast descending on the outside of a skyscraper or a cold shower on a summer day or the rude awakening after a party when things, although they seemed gorgeous and coherent […]


A Photographer’s Progress (2) - The Setting Stage

There are more than one connotations to “setting”, but they all evoke something flat, even, steady, serious, harmonious, whether it is a mountain, the making of a film or a large table full of everything, notably stacks of appetizers such as cheese fingers, meatballs and ham rolls toothpicked to death. Once the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene has reached its climax, photographically speaking, what follows is a certain mind setting, […]


A Photographer’s Progress (1)

I Am, Therefore I Take Pictures. Just as, when you turn about 7-8 months old, you amazingly discover that you can crawl on all fours across the living-room carpet, one day, given the unknown ways of fate, you find out that photography is both fascinating and possible. Since you have always been a poor drawer, this form of instant drawing fits like a charm as, at last, you don’t have […]



A person is just a person. Two can make up a couple. Three people are already a group. To become a real group, however, one needs more than mere number: people must be united by something, be it a common idea, some sort of clothing or something having to do with a big, heavy word: destiny. A certain circumstance, place or atmosphere may as well bring people together and keep […]


The Poles of Sulina

There are many kinds of worlds: centre-worlds, fringe-worlds or end-worlds. Looking for end-worlds doesn’t mean going to the end of the world, because the world, like a hydra, has several ends. To put it more suggestively, it’s as if you were an ant walking along the strings of a leaf, each string leading to an end, that is to the end of that string. Once you get to the brink, […]