Înot Sincron revisited

Gicu Şerban: The more seriously you take photography, the fewer certainties you have. Everything keeps becoming less and less clear and, what is even worse, more and more questionable. I see this in the friends you mentioned earlier too, and I can find it in all texts devoted to great photographers. Art or not, photography is a creative act. Fear of ridicule, fear of making a fool of ourselves, of not […]


Dad: His Last Schoolday.

That day was supposed to be glorious. But nothing really happened except the fact that my dad felt a little embarassed as an intensely photographed star. (about seven Kodak Tri-X films). After 40 years of teaching Romanian language, Grammar, Latin and other things, his career ended quite serene. In June, 2011 my dad was closing to his 70s. Now he’s a lovely retired man. He teaches my kids to write […]


Can you spare 5 (+) minutes?

Can you spare 5 (+) minutes? Thank you very much, but don’t forget: I need 5 real minutes – undivided, thoughtful, with all your heart. Because I’d like to tell you some things that you might not know about the digit 5.